Micronize Powder Factory

MD manager

Naser Mirzazadeh

Managing Director

The purpose of this company is to provide raw material of Iranian producers in Glass, Tile, Ceramic,… industries. And invest privately in Mine and keep attending in most of the related exhibition.
This company becomes a famous supplier and exporter by using Iranian professional engineers and experts consultants and valence in mentioned industries.
On 2005, Saj Gostar Alvand Company established a Micronize Powder plant in Danesfahan industrial area, located in Buein Zahra zone.  The result of this investment is to provide mineral raw material with producer’s grading requirement and also lower price. The used machineries in factory are able to produce from 10 micron grading, thus that is a reason distinct us from other competitor and cause to have many internal and international contracts with expert producers.
During 2003-2008 we have this opportunity to export extracted mining material to abroad and gain the superior exporter rate in Qazvin province and nowadays we are one of the most credible references between internal and external producer.